About me


I am an anthropologist of religion and an English, Spanish and Czech teacher. I have degrees in English and Czech language teaching and Ethnology. I still work in both areas because for me they merge to a great extent. In fact, they have always merged –  the topic for my diploma thesis in English was anthropological, and I have written my dissertation in English on the topic of British anthropology… (more on CV and Publications)

Why English and Spanish? The world graspable through the Czech language is a beautiful world. But it is a small world. I have never regarded the knowledge of foreign languages as a mere necessity to survive in the contemporary world, but as a gate to the wider world. This philosophy is reflected in the style of my teaching. (more on Language Training)

Anthropology is simply a fascinating subject, which opens more gates and teaches us about the infinite variability of being human. Since childhood I have been interested in religion as a way of relating oneself to the sacred, predominantly in its non-European forms. Like many others, my interest began with Native Americans, but I was also attracted to European mythologies, mystery cults and pagan religions. I love reading books and studying, but even more I enjoy experiencing things first hand, and that is why it became necessary to begin a search within my home continent.

From very amateur research of Christian groups, I finally moved to the study of contemporary paganism, witchcraft and magical practice, and I have been engaged in this unique but still more or less unknown area since 2005, when I participated in my first pagan ritual. My long-term wish and goal is to share the experience and knowledge with interested people from non-academic area. (more on Lectures and consultations)