Kamila Bártová
Saga Studio Kamila Bártová

Lectures and consultations


Are you or your clients interested in…

  • secrets and secrecy, mysteries and initiations
  • witchcraft and magic (past and present)
  • pagan cults and rituals (past and present)
  • paganism and shamanism
  • new religious movements
  • anthropology of religion and magic
  • paganism and landscape
  • magic and science

What are my goals and strategies?

My goal is to spread the awareness of alternative religions and their shape and role also beyond the academic world. The amount of information about pagan and magical activities is increasing on the internet, but it usually comes from the pens of practitioners and is meant to reach other practitioners (or people considering practice). However, there are still not many academics dealing with this topic in the Czech Republic (and those with fieldwork experience are even fewer) and these tend to share their knowledge mainly with other academics. It is difficult for members of the general public to get information from this area, which would be impartial and reliable.

As I have been involved in both worlds for many years (since 2005), I can elucidate the working of the pagan, witchcraft and magical practice both from the point of view of an insider and an outsider – both from the perspective of a practitioner and a scholar.

What can I offer?

  • Lectures, seminars, workshops focused on the above-mentioned topics, both in Czech and English. The lectures and workshops can be complemented with the interactive ritual performance (demonstrations) if you wish.
  • Organisation of lectures and seminars of Czech professionals in these areas as well as professionals from abroad (with translation)
  • On-line consulting – if you have a question concerning the above-mentioned topics, insert it here…