“Kamila Velkoborská as a teacher is able to connect and combine a friendly and professional approach. As a student I always appreciated her responsible preparation and a careful selection of the texts used in the classes (English for Anthropologists) as well as her willingness to explain further any details of the context of the topic we discussed or the questions concerning grammar. Another big plus which I’d love to mention is the fact that even in the seminar setting that includes a relatively big group of people, Kamila Velkoborská  deals with every student individually, and she is also able to appreciate personal opinions. Thus she creates space for a discussion, and the seminars become entertaining. Last, but not least, she prefers the struggle to give over information and make oneself understood (even if in the form of a paraphrase) over cramming the most appropriate and accurate words, which one doesn’t recall when in need anyway.”

Bc. Martina Nováková, student at ZČU


“ I had the privilege to meet Kamila Velkoborská during my university studies (at the University of West Bohemia). She was my English teacher and I have to say that I was always looking forward to her classes. I can only recommend her sophisticated way of teaching. Moreover, her classes are indispensable. I strongly appreciated her friendly approach to the students.”

René Patka, Commodity Buyer


“I have known Kamila Velkoborská since her doctoral studies, and I can confirm that she always excelled as a Ph.D. student, as a scholar and as a teacher. I consider Kamila Velkoborská a perceptive and sensitive person who is able to combine expertise and human perception very well.“

Dott. G. Maiello, Ph.D., Social and cultural anthropologist


“Dr. Kamila Velkoborska has an easy command of spoken English and is also at home in the culture of the British Isles. She has published articles in a journal I edited called Cosmos and worked with care and imagination on them. She has been a member of the committee of the Ritual Year Working Group of SIEF, an international society concerned with the study of folklore and ethnology, and has had special responsibility for the preparations for its conference on the theme of magic, one of her special interests. She interacts well with people and is a good colleague and a concerned and lively teacher. Her conference presentations are well-prepared, stimulating and thought-provoking.”

Dr Emily Lyle, University of Edinburgh


“Dr Kamila Velkoborska contributed a substantial chapter to a book I recently edited, titled Contemporary Pagan and Native Faith Movements in Europe (Berghahn, in press). I invited her to write this chapter about her research among followers of this religious movement in the Czech Republic. The result is utterly fascinating, giving vivid insights into the history, beliefs, activities and innermost lives of the group. Such a rich ethnography reveals Dr Velkoborska as an excellent, sensitive fieldworker and scholar who was clearly trusted by the group to enter and record their lives. The chapter is a detailed, thought-provoking and intriguing piece of anthropological scholarship.”

Prof. Kathryn Rountree, Massey University, New Zealand